The Advantages of Button Badge

Many organisations often use button badge as a tool to deliver a clear message to their customers.  For instance most front liner Tesco staff will wear
“Go Green” button badge on Saturday as a campaign for non-plastic day.


If your company is facing limitations in financing your marketing activities such as awareness campaign or introducing product promotion, button badge is the best options for you.

What you need to do with button badge?
27Simple! Just print strong words that can attract and inspired people onto the badge and distribute it to your customer as a free souvenir.

Button badge can also be as name tags or id tag.  You can see most of fast food restaurant staff wearing button badge as their name tags.  The reason they are using button badge instead of the name tag is to show informality and friendliness atmosphere.

Take note that your button badge design must be simple but approachable to make the message clearly deliver to your target market. To make it more attractive, use suitable image and color.

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Photo Keychain as a Great Choice for Souvenirs

Photo Keychain is always being number one choices of any company as a promotional gift and souvenirs.  Keychain with company logo/photo is the best gift-away product to be distributed to their  customer, clients and to the staff in the organizations.


Photo Keychain has also often distributed in personal occasions such as birthday parties, wedding door gift, graduation party, etc. Personalised  Keychain is a practical and useful gift.

Keychain is well known as a gift that people love to buy for souvenirs for friends and family when travelling  to another place.  Normally this keychain will show the place that this person go travel.  But the best part of personalised keychain is you can simply upload your photo and print it on the keychain before give it to others.  To make it more unique, you can also add short and sweet message on the Keychain.

Keychain also can be called as an appreciation gift.  This is because the price of Keychain is not too expensive to compare with other gift in the market.  Personalised Keychain not just unique and because it’s personalized, it is more easy to get maximum customer satisfaction when receiving this gift.


We want to be your source for custom and personalised Photo Keychains! Select one of our keychain styles, match it up with your favorite photo that you upload to us.

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Design and Custom Make Your Own Photo T-shirt

Thinking of designing your own t-shirts? Before you want to print your design, make sure you’re fully satisfied with the layout.  This article is to share step or things you need to consider before you send your design to us for printing. your design into the transfer paper.


1. Theme/Type: Choose either to put a wording or image or maybe both.  What kind of image (own picture, caricature,…..etc) and what type of wording, fonts and others. Once you have a solid idea of what type of t-shirts you want to design and what would appeal to your target customer, it’s time to get designing! There are a few things your t-shirts will need, if they are to really stand out:

2. Colour: This is one of the most important elements of any great T-shirt. The right colour scheme can really make your design stand out. It is worth taking some time to play around with different combinations to see what works – if your colour sense leaves a little to be desired, or if you’re just after a few new ideas, there are plenty of online colour matching sites, which can come up with contrasting and matching colour combinations. Don’t forget to keep it simple.

3.Placement: Most graphics are placed on the front upper area of the chest. Don’t try and reinvent the t-shirt wheel, here!

4. Material: Really great t-shirts not only look good, they feel great to wear. Cotton can be the best material for your t-shirt and it’s also always easy to print on cotton t-shirt. Good quality materials and the best quality printing should also help make your t-shirts look much better than cheap fabric and printing. With, you have no worries about the quality of T-shirt because we can promised you 100% customer satisfaction with the quality of our products.


Now you know factors that need to consider before custom make design for the T-shirt!
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Personalised and Unique Wedding Gift Ideas

A wedding is a ceremony where everyone unite to celebrate the two hearts and soul.  It’s also an occasion where everyone comes together to express their joy and their loves for the special day of the brides and the groom.


Although there are many selections and brand of wedding gift you may find in the shopping mall, it will never be the same as personalised gift.  Personalised is a lot cheaper than other gift you buy from the shopping mall, but they uniqueness of the gift is something that nobody can deny.

Below are some personalised gift ideas special for a wedding.  This idea can also be implemented for the groom and bride to give to all the guest as wedding souvenir.


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